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    *sees dog while in the car*

    *turns around in seat to watch dog until its out of sight* 

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  6. shinjibae:


    evangelion live action confirmed

    budget must be hella low because there gonna have the same person who acts as Kaworu to act as Shinji too.

  8. shinjibae:

    The mirror showing my true self.

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  10. Steal His Look!: Nagisa Kaworu (3.0 Edition

    • Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Converse ($55.00)
    • Armani Collezioni Classic Trousers in Virgin Wool ($295.00)
    • Nordstrom traditional fit non-iron Short Sleeve Dress Shirt ($45.00)
    • Burberry London Lucius Check Belt ($335)
    • Sandro Clash Tee in Purple ($115)
    • ITA-MED Rigid Plastic Cervical Collar ($19.99)

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